Name Last known position Name Last known position
Postdoctoral Fellows, Mentoring, and Research Associates
1. Dr. Liang Zou, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen’s University 2. Dr. Sharareh Bayat, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia & Queen’s University
3. Dr. Emran Abu Anas, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, John’s Hopkins University 4. Dr. Ajay Rajaram, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Aspect Biosystems
5. Dr. Farhad Imani, PhD Research Engineer in Machine Learning, Broadband TV, Vancouver, BC, Canada 6. Dr. Zsuzsana Keri, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen’s University
7. Dr. Tamas Ungi, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Queen’s University 8. Dr. Mohammad Daoud, PhD Assistant Professor and Department Head, German University in Jordan
9. Dr. Elvis Chen, PhD Adjunct Professor, Research Associate, Robarts Research Institute 10. Dr. Mohammad Aboofazeli, PhD Associate Professor, Red River College
11. McKenzie Schroder Nursing Student, Queen’s University 12. Irene Ayukawa Teacher, Japan
13. Mathea Welch MSc student, University of Toronto 14. Mark Wu Medical student, University of Ottawa
15. Andrew Murray Graduate student, University of Toronto 16. Karen Li Medical student, Dalhousie University
17. Andrew Dickinson PhD Student, Queen’s 18. David Stock Epidemiologist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Toronto, ON
19. Erin Pichora Cancer Care Ontario 20. Dr. Tony Kuo, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher, Computational Biology Research Center, Japan.
21. Dr. Robert Lesurf, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University, St. Louis, MO    
Graduate Students
1. Sinthu Sivanesan, MSc 2015-2016, Software Engineer, School of Management, Queen’s 2. Sahar Ghavidel, MSc 2014-2016, Research Engineer, Motion Metrics Corp, Vancouver, BC
3. Emran Abu-Anas, PhD 2012-2016 (mentored, PhD student at UBC), Postdoctoral Fellow, JHU 4. Farhad Imani, PhD 2009-2014, Research Engineer, Broadband TV, Vancouver, BC, Canada
5. Lili Wang, PhD 2008-2015, Data Scientist, TD Canada, Toronto, ON, Canada 6. Mostafa Mostafavi, PhD 2009-2016, Postdoctoral Fellow, McGill Univ., Montreal, QC, Canada
7. Layan Nahlawi, PhD 2010-2017 8. Amir Khojaste, MSc 2012-2014, Software Developer, Exact Imaging, Toronto, ON, Canada
9. Nathan Braniff 2013-2015, Graduate Student, University of Waterloo, ON, Canada 10. Simrin Nagpal, MSc 2011-2013, Software Engineer, Ciena, Ottawa, ON, Canada
11. Melissa Trezsie, MSc 2011-2013, Software Engineer, Ciena, Ottawa, ON, Canada 12. Dr. Javad Hashemi, PhD 2008-2013, Research Associate, Cardiology, Kingston General Hospital, Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Computing, Queen’s
13. Narges Ahmidi, PhD 2008-2012, Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University 14. Mohsen Yazdi, MSc 2009-2012, Director of Development, Analytics for life, Kingston, ON
15. Colin Sutherland, MSc 2009-2011, Systems Engineer, Grantek Systems Integration, ON 16. Andrew Dickinson, MSc 2009-2011, PDF Student, Queen’s University
17. Mark Wu, MSc 2010-2011, Medicals Student, University of Ottawa, ON, Canada 18. Abtin Rasoulian, MSc 2008-2009, Computer Vision Software Engineer, ViewsIQ Inc., BC
19. Layan Nahlawi, MSc 2008-2010, PhD Student, Queen’s University 20. Zhen Wang, MSc 2008-2010, CIBC Global Markets Analyst, Toronto, ON, Canada
21. Sahar Ghanavati, MSc 2008-2010, Imaging Scientist, Sick-Kids Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada 22. Siavash Khalighi, MSc 2008-2010, Machine Learning Scientist, Copypants
23. Sean Gill, MSc 2007-2009, Law School, University of Toronto 24. Andrew Lang, MSc 2007-2009, PhD Student, Johns Hopkins University
25. Dr. Mehdi Moradi, PhD 2004-2008, Scientist, IBM Almaden Research Centre, USA and Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia 26. Maryam Salehi, MSc 2006-2008 Data Scientist, Via Science, Montreal, QC
27. Sara Mostafavi, MSc 2006-2008 Assistant Professor, CRC Tier II, Univ. of British Columbia 28. Simon Knott, MSc 2006-2008 Research Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
29. Kathrin Tyryshkin, MSc 2004-2006 Scientist, Dept. Pathology and Molecular Medicine Queen’s 30. Cheryl Chan, MSc 2003-2005 Project Manager, TripSpark Technologies, Calgary, AB
31. Shekoofeh Azizi, PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia 32. Tal Shapira, MSc MSc Student, Queen's University
33. Ben Church, MSc MSc Student, Queen's University 34. Blake Pyman MSc Student, Queen's Univeristy
35. Si Jia Li, MSc PhD Student, Queen's University 36.
Undergraduate Students Supervised for Thesis or Published Research
1. Caroline Goncalves 2016, Queen’s University 2. Kyle McNeil 2015, Queen’s University
3. Katherine Beaulieu 2015, Queen’s University 4. Phil Pries 2013-2015, Medical School, University of Manitoba
5. John Ross 2013-2015, Graduate Student, McGill University 6. McKenzie Schroder 2015, Nursing Student, Queen’s University
7. Sinthu Sivanesan 2013-2015, Software Engineer, Queen’s University 8. Matthew Gravett 2011-2012, Queen's University
9. Geoff Halliday 2011-2012, MSc Student, University of Toronto 10. Matt Oskamp 2011-2012, Queen’s University
11. Irene Ayukawa 2011-2012, Queen’s University 12. Rachelle Farkas 2011-2012, MSc Student, University of British Columbia
13. Andrew Murray 2010-2011, Graduate student, University of Toronto 14. Mattea Welch 2011, University of Toronto
15. Emilie Lalonde 2008-2009, MSc Student, University of Toronto 16. Harmonie Eleveld 2008-2009, Naturopathic Doctor Candidate, Canadian College of Naturopathic Med.
17. Andrew Dickinson 2008-2009, PhD Student, Queen’s University 18. Saba El-Hilo 2008-2009, MSc Student, Simon Fraser University
19. Adam Campigatto 2008-2009, MSc Student, Queen’s University 20. Sara Lyman 2008-2009, Unknown
21. Jerome Lazzazera 2008-2009, MSc Student, Queen’s University 22. Kendric Wang 2008-2009, Medical Student, University of British Columbia
23. John Bartlett 2008-2009, MSc Student, University of British Columbia 24. Josh Fletcher 2008-2009, Unknown
25. Sascha Robinson 2008-2009, Software Developer, Phillips, Toronto 26. Brad Jager 2008-2009, Unknown
27. Jing Xiang 2007-2008, PhD Student, Carnegie Melon University 28. Karen Li 2007-2008, Medical Student, Dalhousie
29. Jacqueline Lam 2007-2008, Unknown 30. Robert Lesurf 2005-2006, Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
31. Sean Gill 2006-2007, Research Engineer, Sentinelle Medical, Toronto 32. Rob Denroche 2006-2007, Staff, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto
33. Hashim Khan 2006-2007, Unknown 34. Carling Cheung 2006-2007, Project Manager, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
35. Pui Yu Lau 2006-2007, Unknown 36. Quinn Lau 2005-2006, Unknown
37. Nels Thorsten 2004-2005, Unknown 38. Amr Abou Zeid 2003, 2004-2005, Dentist
39. Haerin Kim 2003, 2004-2005, Fellow Internal Medicine, University of British Columbia