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Nicole Kitner

MSc Student
School of Computing
Queen's University
Member Between September 2021 - Present

Nicole is a recent Computer Science graduate from The University of British Columbia who has previously worked as a software developer in the medical education industry. She is passionate about combining technology and healthcare in order to provide patients with the best outcomes. Her research involves using deep learning to optimize brachytherapy treatments for prostate cancer.



Kitner, Nicole; Rodgers, Jessica; Ungi, Tamas; Korzeniowski, Martin; Olding, Tim; Joshi, Chandra; Mousavi, Parvin; Fichtinger, Gabor

Automated catheter segmentation in 3D ultrasound images from high-dose-rate prostate brachytherapy Conference

20th Annual Symposium of the Imaging Network of Ontario (ImNO) - BEST PITCH AWARD, 2022.