Med-I Lab offers their own and shared facilities to students. We provide students with a large working area in our private lab space. Other facilities that Med-I Lab offers are shared with our collaborators. We have shared facilities with Perk Lab Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC), and Skeletal Observation Lab (SOL).


Med-I Lab is currently located in at 25 Union St, Goodwin Hall, on Queen’s University Main Campus.

Our mailing address is:

Med-I Lab
557 Goodwin Hall
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada  K7L 2N8

Student Office

Med-I Lab’s student office is currently located on the 7th floor (Rm. 753) of Goodwin Hall.

Experiment Room

Med-I Lab shares a large equipment and experiment room with Perk Lab. We have access to multiple ultrasound machines with various transducers, state-of-the-art optical and electromagnetic tracking systems, 3D printing, engineering workstations, and more!

Human Mobility Research Centre

The Human Mobility Research Centre is a partnership between Queen’s University and Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) and serves as a point of collaboration between the disciplines of medicine, engineering, health sciences, and computer science.  They provide us with a wet lab space to perform experiments and create phantom tissues, and access to different cutting-edge technologies including the iKnife, an intelligent surgical knife that analyzes smoke released in burning tissue, and DESI mass spectrometry.

Skeletal Observation Lab

The Skeletal Observation Lab is a satellite facility of the Human Mobility Research Centre at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston, Ontario. At this facility, we share a Verasonics Vantage research ultrasound system. This ultrasound system allows us to control every parameter of ultrasound data acquisition and lets us obtain data in formats not easily accessed in clinical ultrasound systems.