Current Tools

Tesseract-Medical Imaging (Tesseract-MI) is an open-source, web-based platform which enables deployment of AI models while simultaneously providing standard image viewing and reporting schemes. The goal of Tesseract-MI is to augment 3D medical imaging and provide a 4th dimension (AI) when requested by a user. As a case study, we demonstrate the utility of our platform and present, a web application for identification of clinically significant prostate cancer in MRI.

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Integrated Complex Traits Network (iCTNet) is a large-scale network, assembling human disease-gene association, tissue- gene association, disease-tissue associations, protein-DNA interactions, protein-protein interactions and drug-target information.This network provides a new and comprehensive perspective for human genetic diseases.iCTNet works as a plugin for Cytoscape and can be extended and combined using other Cytoscape plugins.

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Integrative-Protein-interaction-network-based pathway analysis (iPINBPA) for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) was proposed in 2009, a method to identify and prioritize genetic associations by merging statistical evidence of association with physical evidence of interaction at the protein level. We have released the Cytoscape app iPINBPA, as a novel tool to analyze GWAS data in a network fashion.

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Some of our tools are no longer working or are outdated. You can view our archived developments here.