Calvin Park attends “AI in Healthcare and Robotics” event at Queen’s University

Dr. Parvin Mousavi and Dr. Hasthrudi-Zaad from the Faculty of Applied Sciences hosted the inaugural “AI in Healthcare and Robotics” event at Queen’s University. Students from the Calvin Park Challenge program were introduced to artificial intelligence and the applications of it in healthcare and robotics through talks and demos. The event was made successful by the students who helped run the sessions: Alireza Sedghi, Brandon Chan, Alexander Hamilton, Justin Gerolami, Amoon Jamzad, Sal Choueib, Rebecca Hisey, Natasja Janssen, Chiedu Mokogwu, Srijith Sudhagar, Leonam Pecly, Victor Luna, Shane Forbrigger, Andres Ramos.

Here is a thank you note we received from the students from Calvin Park!

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