Welcome to the Medical Informatics (Med-i) Laboratory at the School of Computing, Queen’s University. Med-i┬álaboratory was established in 2003 and is directed by Dr. Parvin Mousavi. The focus of the lab is on innovative computational approaches and intelligent systems that can predict and explain complex biological processes. Research is aimed at developing feature extraction, inference, modeling, and classification techniques for Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, and Image-guided Diagnosis and Surgery.

We have strong ties with international and regional research centres as well as the industry. Students and researchers in the lab have daily opportunities to interact with biologists, medical doctors, surgeons and residents in a multi-disciplinary environment. Our collaborators include Kingston General Hospital and the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC) for research in image guided diagnosis and surgery and University of California, San Francisco for research in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.The Med-i Laboratory is equipped with the state of the art parallel computing server and high-end clusters, and imaging and tracking devices.



Exploring the relationships between genetic components, machine and deep learning for prediction of cancer, and much more!

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Using machine learning for image classification, predictive modelling, image segmentation, and image registration.

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Developing machine and deep learning applications for better patient-specific care in the Intensive Care Unit.

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