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Chris Yeung

PhD Student
School of Computing
Queen's University
Member Between September 2021 - Present

Chris is a PhD student in Biomedical Informatics in the School of Computing at Queen’s University. He recently completed his undergraduate degree in Life Sciences at Queen’s University. Currently, he is working on integrating a recently developed tumour detection AI to a surgical navigation system for breast cancer and improving the position tracker used during surgery.



Hu, Zoe; Fauerbach, Paola Nasute; Yeung, Chris; Ungi, Tamas; Rudan, John; Engel, Cecil Jay; Mousavi, Parvin; Fichtinger, Gabor; Jabs, Doris

Real-time automatic tumor segmentation for ultrasound-guided breast-conserving surgery navigation Journal Article

In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (IJCARS), 2022.

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Yeung, Chris; Ungi, Tamas; Hu, Zoe; Fichtinger, Gabor

Automated Tumour Reconstruction for Real-Time Visualization in Breast-Conserving Surgical Navigation Conference

20th Annual Symposium of the Imaging Network of Ontario (ImNO) 2022, 2022.