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Emily Kaczmarek

MSc Student
School of Computing
Queen's University
Member Between May 2019 - Present
Emily Kaczmarek is a MSc student in the School of Computing at Queen’s University. She received her Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering from Carleton University in 2018. Her current research focuses on using microRNA data with deep learning to prevent cancer misdiagnoses, and identify cancers that have similar microRNA dysregulation.



Kaczmarek, Emily; Jamzad, Amoon; Imtiaz, Tashifa; Nanayakkara, Jina; Renwick, Neil; Mousavi, Parvin

Multi-Omic Graph Transformers for Cancer Classification and Interpretation Conference Forthcoming

Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB) 2022, Forthcoming.



Kaczmarek, Emily; Pyman, Blake; Nanayakkara, Jina; Tuschi, Thomas; Tyryshkin, Kathrin; Renwick, Neil; Mousavi, Parvin

Discriminating Neoplastic from Non-Neoplastic Tissues using a microRNA-based Deep Cancer Classifier Journal Article Forthcoming

In: The American Journal of Pathology, Forthcoming.